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Why Support HumanWorks Affiliates, Inc.?

Contributions from individuals, companies and foundations enable HWA to better serve the people in our programs to ensure they receive the best care and support for their individualized needs. A wide variety of giving opportunities are available, gifts of all sizes are gratefully accepted and each one is individually acknowledged.

How can you support HWA?

  • Donation: Cash or check is the type of giving that first comes to mind for most donors.
  • Will/Bequest: This is the easiest and most often used method of deferred giving. You can either add a provision in your existing will by writing a codicil or you can include HumanWorks Affiliates, Inc. in your will as you draw it up. Consult with your attorney for specific bequest language.
  • Charitable Trusts: A charitable trust is a method of giving HWA substantial property while retaining rights to the income during your lifetime. A charitable trust will provide:
    • An income for you and/or your beneficiaries selected by you for a life or a period of up to 20 years,
    • An immediate and substantial income tax charitable deduction,
    • An avoidance of capital gains taxes if the trust is funded with long-term appreciated property,
    • A substantial reduction of probate costs and estate taxes.
  • Stocks and Bonds: A gift of securities that has appreciated in value can result in benefits for the donor as well as become a valuable gift for HWA.
  • Life Insurance: By purchasing a life insurance policy and designating HWA as the irrevocable owner and beneficiary, a donor's annual premium is considered a charitable contribution and the policy may create a gift much larger than a donor might otherwise be able to contribute. As another option, a donor may choose to donate a paid up life insurance policy to HWA. Nearly the full cash value of the policy will be tax deductible.
  • Real Estate: A gift of real property such as a residence or farm can become a significant contribution for HWA and allow you to avoid substantial capital gain and estate taxes.
  • Tribute/Memorial Gifts: A donor can honor a friend or relative for a special occasion by making a commemorative gift to HWA. Or, a donor can remember a deceased loved one by making a memorial gift to HWA. Notification of this gift (without mention of gift amount) is sent to the honored relative or friend or to the family of the deceased.
  • Matching Gifts: Many corporations have established a program of matching contributions made by their employees to charitable organizations. For more information, please check with your personnel office or call the HWA development office.
  • Endowment Gifts: Gifts made to the Endowment Fund will be used for the long-term support of programs offered by HWA. The principal gift will not be used, but rather the investment earnings generated by the gift will be distributed for programs and services. A portion of the earnings will be reinvested with the principal to insure fund growth to keep up with inflation. A strong endowment fund will help smooth out the rocky road of funding and insure that as many people as possible will be served by HWA.

What is HWA all about?

  • HumanWorks Affiliates, Inc. is a 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization overseeing six member corporations: ChildFirst Services, Inc., HumanWorks Training and Educational Services, Inc., HWA Gifts, Inc., Phoenix Services, Inc., Spectrum Community Services, Inc. and Spectrum Social Services, Inc.
  • What does HWA offer?
  • Phoenix Services, Inc. and Spectrum Community Services, Inc. serve the needs of adults with developmental disabilities through Pennsylvania county MH/MR programs.
  • Spectrum Social Services, Inc. serves adults with developmental disabilities and/or mental illness referred through Carbon Monroe Pike Mental Health/Mental Retardation Program.
  • ChildFirst Services, Inc. serves children referred by Pennsylvania County Offices of Children and Youth Services and offices of Juvenile Probation.
  • HumanWorks training and Educational Services,Inc. offers training programs to corporations and nonprofit agencies throughout Pennsylvania.

Where are the facilities located?

The executive office, HWA is located in Pocono Lake, PA, as well as offices for ChildFirst Services, Inc., HumanWorks training and Educational Services, Inc.

Spectrum Community Services, Inc. is located in two areas - one in Lehighton, PA, the other in Reading, PA along with ChildFirst Services, Inc.

Spectrum Social Services, Inc. is located in Lehighton, PA.

Phoenix Services, Inc. and Project A.B.L.E. are located in Cleona, PA along with HWA Gifts, Inc.




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